Part of her soul remains in Jyväskylä

Leea Mattila, coming originally from Hollola, graduated as a psychologist from the University of Jyväskylä in 2002. At present she is working as a psychologist in her own firm Psykologipalvelut MindLink. Many people know Leea from the TV series “Toisenlaiset teiniäidit” (Different teenage mothers).

In her late teens, studies in psychology were Leea’s great dream. She prepared for the admission tests by reading for a year after the matriculation exam, while having a part-time job and taking Open University courses. Her choice of the major was influenced by her keen interest in human behaviour.

Leea chose the University of Jyväskylä because it offered, more than the other alternatives, specialisation options for child- and family-related working and also courses on professional practice. Accordingly, she indeed managed to shape her degree by always selecting the course options that were oriented to children or families.

The studies proved highly useful in getting a practical training position and also later in the world of work. Psychologists who have graduated from Jyväskylä have a good reputation, Leea has observed. She believes this is particularly due to the courses on professional practice, which prepare students well for their work. Leea also describes the colourful community of her faculty warmly: “The most rewarding thing was studying in small groups, which gave a deeper insight into issues learnt at lectures. In small-group demonstrations it was easier to ask and wonder about things.”

Writing instruction was also valuable: “At university we also learned to write professional statements, which I find terribly important. A psychologist’s statement can have a great impact on the recipient’s life. So anyone who is writing such statements must know one’s responsibility and be ethically aware.”

Of her student years, Leea Mattila recalls both hard work as well as social situations and student parties. Leea’s group of friends took studying seriously from the outset and were hard workers. “We helped one another a lot and studied together,” Leea remembers. Social events, for their part, aptly counterbalanced the arduous work: “Student life left great memories and produced personal relationships and networks that persist to this day. Of course I attended the events of our subject association Stimulus! In the student restaurant Ilokivi we were always looking at boys from the Sports Faculty.”

After graduating Leea found employment right away in the field of child psychology, which had been her aim in the first place. She has worked at a psychiatric clinic for children and also in child protection. Now she is working as a full-time entrepreneur.

Leea Mattila was recruited for the TV series in January 2016. Working in the media field has been a vastly rewarding experience for her. Although she is acting as a psychologist in the series, in a way she has got an opportunity to try out another field: “Indeed, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity,” Leea says.

”Jyväskylä is just a wonderful town for students and the University is of high quality and provides a range of opportunities. I’m just incredibly happy that I got the chance to study there, in particular. A part of my soul remains in Jyväskylä.”

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