The Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER), which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, brings the voice of research to educational and school-related discussions and debates going on in all channels. Alongside practical insights, scientific research provides reliable information on what is really happening in schools, teaching and learning.

– The basic levels and daily activities of the education system involve decision making and shaping practices that influence the growing generations, says Professor Jussi Välimaa, the Director of FIER. – Therefore, in order to develop the daily practices for the better we need reliable information about the real state of affairs.

FIER produces reliable information for policymakers, teachers and citizens in general. Scientific knowledge is a significant aid in decision-making.  As Välimaa explains:

– Our common national responsibility is to ensure that our society maintains an understanding of the significance of reliable information, since only knowledge and understanding of reality can provide a solid foundation for the development of education and our education system.

FIER also pursues research that contributes to a better understanding of the functioning of the education system. As a multidisciplinary research institute FIER can open up a variety of perspectives on teaching, learning and school issues. This goal challenges FIER to conduct research that meets high scientific standards, is nationally significant and applies in the classroom.

The range of FIER research covers the whole education system from the elementary level to higher education, adult learning and the relationships between education and working life. The researchers are also interested in learning outside the education system, such as at the workplace and in online environments.

Educational research is also international. Large-scale international assessments have made the Finnish school and teacher training system more widely known abroad. FIER researchers are also participating in various international educational development programmes for different countries. For more about assessment studies as part of quality assurance and about the best teachers in the world, see Ruusupuisto News.


Is the voice of educational research being heard?

On Friday 14 December, a panel discussion will take place with the theme “Is the voice of educational research being heard?” It will address the questions of why and how educational research is pursued. This public event held in Finnish is part of FIER’s 50th anniversary seminar series.

In connection with the event, a special theme issue of the Finnish Journal of Education dedicated to educational research will be published. Highlighting this milestone in FIER’s 50-year history in the most prestigious Finnish forum for educational issues is natural for an institute that is engaged in extensive collaboration with other researchers, most closely with representatives of education science.

Additional information

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