University Days 2018 was hosted by the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies.

Research, teaching and societal interaction at the department were presented to local residents as well as JYU staff and students in a way that crossed the boundaries of disciplines and arts. The events took place in various locations on the campus and around the city.

The opening event included a speech about creativity by Vice Rector Marja-Leena Laakso as well as a comprehensive presentation of research at the department and collaborative research projects. The Science Communication Award and the Educational Development Award were also presented at the same event.

During the day, it was possible to enjoy live music and literature presented by the researchers, other staff and students of the department. The shows took place all over town and drew a sizeable audience.

Music education students sang folk songs in the Jyväskylä Art Museum while others sang and played cello at the Local Culture Hostel & Cafe. At the Sokkari shopping centre, Mandolin Mountain, among others, entertained the crowd.

At the Craft Museum of Finland, the whole family could experience the Steam exhibition, which combines art and mathematics in an exciting way, and design their own structures in a workshop. As planned, the Steam workshop attracted participants of all ages. The workshop was led by researcher Kristof Fenyvesi. After the workshop, the programme included a discussion on a current topic that generates a lot of strong feelings – populism – as well as research on it.


Friday afternoon concluded at Musica with a ceremony to recognise the Alumnus of the Year and a panel discussion on the importance of arts and creativity for humanity. The panel included Professor Heikki Hanka, Coordinator Heini Siltainsuu, Regional Artist for Performing Arts Vesa Plath, visual artist Minja Revonkorpi and Docent Lenita Hietanen. Pirkko Melville was named Alumna of the Year.

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