For the application period in January, JYU is offering three new international master’s degree programmes . These programmes involve cooperation between JYU faculties and with European universities. Both international and domestic students are welcome to apply for the programmes. In fact, an international programme can serve as an excellent tool for internationalisation now that connections abroad are uncertain.

Responsible sports management

The Master’s Degree Programme in Responsible Management and Business of Sport educates sport managers for Finland and abroad, responding to the needs of the 2020s. This programme brings, in a new way, responsibility into the focus of sport organisations’ activities.

The master’s programme is carried out in multidisciplinary collaboration between two faculties: Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) and the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. The latter brings in academic expertise and knowledge from sports, while JSBE’s contribution pertains to business life.

“In the leadership of sport organisations, there is demand for better management and organising skills both in Finland and abroad,” says Suvi Heikkinen from JSBE, the leader of the programme. “The programme aims to provide its graduates with management competences and tools for working in different management or expert positions in sport organisations.”

Responsibility is the overarching theme of the programme, which also distinguishes it from similar education programmes in Finland and abroad.

“Sport organisations may have woken up a bit later to the demand for responsibility in society,” Heikkinen says. “This is another reason it is important to train and provide competences for this field.”

Read more about the programme and its contents on the programme’s website.

Master’s programme in psychology of physical activity available again

The revised Master’s Degree Programme in Psychology of Physical Activity, Health, and Wellbeing (PsyAct) provides research- and practice-oriented studies in English.

The programme aims at developing students’ capacity to promote physical activity, wellbeing and top performance by means of psychology. The studies familiarise students with current theories and methods of behavioural changes, among other topics, which can be applied in sport and physical activity environments.

Graduates will be prepared to find employment in the public and private sector as, for example, sport psychology experts, in the field of wellness consultancy or as academic researchers. The practice periods included in these studies can take place in various companies or organisations operating in the field of physical activity, health and wellbeing.

“In the programme, applied approaches and scientific orientation receive equal emphasis,” explains Professor Taru Lintunen, the leader of the programme, from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. “Owing to this, our earlier graduates have successfully entered the world of work and, on the other hand, a significant proportion has also continued in doctoral studies in Finland or abroad.”

Further information:

RADMEP – international joint master degree programme in microelectronics and photonics

Radiation and its Effects on MicroElectronics and Photonics Technologies is an international master’s-level Erasmus Mundus programme implemented jointly by four European universities.

The RADMEP programme offers studies in two EU-defined Key Enabling Technologies – microelectronics and photonics. The main emphasis in these studies is on the effects of radiation when applying these technologies in different radiation environments, such as space, nuclear power plants, and particle accelerators.

The programme is coordinated by Jean Monnet University in St. Etienne, France. In addition to the University of Jyväskylä, the other participating universities are KU Leuven in Belgium and the University of Montpellier in France.

“RADMEP aims to provide education that enables employment in the fields of microelectronics and photonics, matching the needs of industry and the entire society in these fields,” says Senior Researcher Arto Javanainen.

The master’s studies are scheduled for two years, during which the students have a chance to pursue studies in three different universities. The autumn semester of the first year is spent in Jyväskylä and the spring semester in Leuven, Belgium. For the autumn semester in the second year, the study place is chosen from among the French universities, either in St. Etienne or in Montpellier. In addition, the place for completing one’s master’s thesis can be chosen from the large international network of associate partners within the programme.

The application period for this programme deviates from that of the other master programmes at JYU. For the first autumn term (2021), the application period has already started and will end on 8 February 2021.

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