Science event Researchers’ Night was held on Friday 27 November virtually. Thanks to all visitors! University of Jyväskylä’s program offered more than thirty multidisciplinary programmes, were more than a thousand visitors attended in the evening. In addition, the school programmes in the morning gathered interest among school groups both in and out Central Finland. You can still check out some of the programmes on the event platform until 11 December!

The lightwork “Atoms” illuminated the celebration of science on the Ylistö bridge until 2.12.

Programmes that caught the public’s attention this year were for example LUMA Central Finland’s nine different science sessions for kindergarteners and schoolchildren and Biology’s “Fun with frogs!” which had a livestream from the poison frog’s terrarium and presentations by researchers where they told about their research. Also, Department of Chemistry’s virtual show “Chemistry after dark”, which focused only on bangs, pops and colored lights, was popular. Faculty of Physics’ versatile livestreams and Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences’ “Liikunta- ja terveystieteiden ilta” aroused enthusiasm too.

The bravest visitors also dared to play a virtual K-16 Zombie escape room organized by Language Campus and test their knowledge of parasites in the Biology Quiz. Visitors were also able to challenge themselves in the Department of Physics’ IGISOL adventure game or in the memory game made by Department of Psychology’s researchers.

In Finland, Researchers’ Night’s program was organized this year also by University of Eastern Finland, the Helsinki team of the Institute of Physics (HIP), the French Institute and VTT. In their program visitors had for example an opportunity to hear about artificial intelligence in learning foreign languages, visit different kind of physics laboratories and see presentations about the latest themes of science spiced up with stand up.

Check out some of the University of Jyväskylä’s programmes until 11.12.

If you didn’t have time to check out for example video about everyday life on the corona laboratory, the collections of the Science Museum or get to know what it is like to study at Nanoscience center, no worries! Some of the programmes are still available until 11 December on the event platform. You must log in to the platform and create free ID’s to log in.

Link to the platform:

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