On the last Friday of the month 27.11., a Europe-wide science event Researchers’ Night is celebrated. The University of Jyväskylä’s event includes remote programs, videos, games and much more — also in English!

At Researchers’ Night, a lot is happening in one day, when researchers meet their audience and will present their own research. The audience, in turn, will have the opportunity to peek into the world of science and its achievements. At Researchers’ Night, it is possible to learn and experience many new things and get to know how the researcher’s work is like.

Nearly 15 000 people visited in Researchers’ Night last year

Have you ever wondered what a brain researcher do for a work? Are you interested to get to know venomous frogs, watch bangs and pops of chemistry, learn about particle and nuclear physics or ask a scientist about what wonders about you in nature? All this and much more is possible to experience at Researchers’ Night! About thirty different programmes will get you answers to your thirst for information.

This year, Researchers’ Night will be held remotely on a virtual event platform. The programmes in the morning are mainly for kindergarteners and schoolchildren and in the evening, there is programmes for adults and the whole family. You can also check out interesting science videos, games and other materials throughout the event day when it suits you best. All programmes are free of charge.


Researchers’ Night of the University of Jyväskylä 27.11.2020. See the program and schedule here: www.jyu.fi/en/academic-events/researchers-night

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