In January, a two-day seminar was arranged on the theme of “Artificial intelligence in health care”. The presentations of the seminar are available in Moniviestin.

Participants of the “Artificial intelligence in health care” seminar 16.1.2019.

The keynote speaker of the second day was Professor Clifford Dacso, who has had a significant career in the field of molecular and cellular biology as well as conducted extensive research in sensor technology. By combining data from sensors with artificial intelligence (AI), we obtain a novel approach to health care and early diagnostics and the prevention of diseases. AI has already been taught to analyse static images (e.g. cancer images), but it can also analyse video, which allows for broader and more longitudinal observations. This means that biological phenomena can be observed from more than just a single static image.

Professor Pekka Neittaanmäki (left), Professor Clifford Dacso and Dean, Professor Pasi Tyrväinen.

See Moniviestin for Professor Dacso’s interview about the prospects and possibilities of AI and health care.

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