From the 1800s up until the 1930s, the autumn semester traditions of the Jyväskylä Teacher Seminary included an excursion to Roninmäki. It was an event for the whole seminary: teachers as well as students participated, as did the servants, who brought along a variety of food supplies, cooking equipment, the best china and even tables and benches.

The distance from the campus to Roninmäki was five kilometres. Teachers and students made the journey on foot while the servants with the food supplies and cooking equipment followed them on a cart and, in later years, in a pickup truck. The seminary flag was carried in front of the procession.

The Roninmäki excursion was one of the most anticipated events of the year. After the summer holidays, it was an informal, pleasant reunion for the seminary. The new students got a chance to get acquainted with teachers and older students. On arrival, the flag would first be raised on the flagpole and then the festivities could begin.

In addition to dining, various circle games and dancing were part of the programme, together with the eager playing of the dart game developed by the primary school head teacher Juho Jussila. The relaxed atmosphere helped many teachers show a completely different side of themselves to the students. Over the years, the Roninmäki excursion has become a picnic for first-year students. The spirit of the event, however, has remained unchanged.


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